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Rhône Food Bank is a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge.

Rhône Food Bank is developping a phone application aiming to reduce food waste and to give food to deprived people. 

The project: a phone application called “BAMicro-don”

Amongst the ten finalists, the project that collects the most votes will win one of four prizes from the Google Impact Challenge; an amount of 500 000 euros.

Why vote for this project?Google Impact

It is as simple as a phone app, efficient and above all, it will aid in the fight against food waste and food scarcity through effective and local means. In Rhône (French department), more than 30 000 people are supported by the Food Bank and its charitable organization partners.

How does it work?

Rhône Food Bank is developing a phone application, BAMicro-don, which lets local shopkeepers donate their unsold products to charities in the area. Using geolocalisation technology with a few clicks the shopkeeper can offer unsold stock online. It will be sent directly to the nearest charitable organizations.
According to their needs and availability, charities will choose whether or not to take the offers. This exchange will allow charities to locate a diversity of quality food supplies locally and for free to distribute to deprived people. And in addition serve 1 800 000 extra-meals in Rhône department.

What’s next?

With more than 30 years of experience, Food Banks have the support of a network of 5300 charitable organizations and CCAS partners. If the Rhône Food Bank wins the 2015 Google Impact Challenge this application could be proposed and duplicated by the entire national network of Food Banks.
Please, vote for us BEFORE October 7th 2015.

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