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Isabel Jonet, President of FEBA, and Dr. Juan José Freijo, Global Head of Sustainability of Brambles, have signed a 3 year partnership agreement.

Brambles Group is one of the world’s leading logistics company with subsidiaries - CHEP, IFCO and Pallecon - operating equipment pooling services.

BramblesIMG 4836 small is highly committed with sustainability of its services and Corporate Social Responsibility.


It wishes to complement those programs by addressing the mounting poverty and malnutrition in developed countries.

The purpose of this Agreement is to set out the terms of a European partnership between FEBA and Brambles whereby Brambles will make cash, in-kind contributions and FEBA will use such contributions for the development of existing and new food banks, so Parties together can work on reducing hunger poverty and malnutrition and on reducing food waste globally.

This agreement does not preclude specific local partnership agreements between CHEP, IFCO and Pallecon local entities and FEBA members in European countries.