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The annual meeting of the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) will take place in Edinburgh (United Kingdom) on April, 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2016.

Organized in collaboration with Fareshare, FEBA UK Member, the convention will focus for its 30th anniversary on sharing best skills in fighting food waste to tackle food poverty.

AlbaniaAbout 70 delegates from 25 countries will participate to conferences, workshops and poster session dedicated to challenges of food rescue, from various angles.

Thirty years of solidarity

FEBA member food banks have been fighting food poverty and food waste for 30 years contributing to give each person in Europe access to a sufficient and nutritious diet. In 2015, FEBA member food banks supported 5,7 million people thanks to the work of 15 500 people among whom 90% are volunteers. They distributed 531 000 tons of food equivalent to 2,9 million meals every day to 33 200 partner charitable organizations. 

Everything began on March 13th 1984, when Sister Cécile Bigot denounced the scandal of poverty coexisting with food waste in an article entitled “I am hungry” published in the daily newspaper La Croix. Following this call for help, Bernard Dandrel and 5 founding organizations, Secours Catholique, Emmaüs, Armée du Salut, Entraide d’Auteuil and Entraide Protestante, launched the first food bank in France. Thirty years later, the European Federation of Food Banks is paying tribute to this initiative. 271 food banks in 23 European countries are currently in operation to support the charities which take care of vulnerable people.