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On Monday 23 May, at the finish line of her incredible 13 day ultra marathon #‎run4food at Solvay Public Library in Brussels, Ivana Di Martino delivered her inspiring message #‎werunforkids to fight child food poverty in Europe and support the work of Food Banks.

Ivana werunforkids smallAfter running more than 900km in 13 days Di Martino opened the urgent discussion between the European Institutions on child poverty, malnutrition, hunger, social exclusion and food waste in Europe.
Di Martino says, “We all can do something to fight the problem, whether by raising awareness or passing laws. I run.”

FEBA was represented by Jacques Vandenschrik from the Fédération Belge Banques Alimentaires/Belgische Federatie Voedselbanken.

The day ended in style with a Barilla Pasta Party.