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Here is our e-Newsletter from September 2016

IMG 20160630 100534 1Get inspired by Denmarks new breakfast program, get the figures from the TESCO/FareShare Collection, see what the Italian government has published to create incentives for food banking, and more interesting stories from FEBA members!



imagesThe Danish Food Bank, Fødevarebanken, has launched the project Brain Food, which will provide breakfast and snacks to 17 primary schools in the districts Lolland Falster and Guldborgsund. This is huge goal for fighting food poverty in Denmark.

“Many children come to school without having eaten any breakfast “ says Tom Larsen, head of the Office of Education. To counter this problem Fødevarebanken has received funding from the TRYG insurance company Foundation to provide a healthy breakfast for the children in need, thus giving them the ability to learn and thrive in school. Read more here.


IMG 20160630 100534 1 v2The 8th food donation campaign “Neighborhood Food Collection” resulted in the donation of nearly 1 million meals for FareShare charities!

The campaign collaboration between Tesco and FareShare will support partner charities, and among them is the non-profit “1625 Independent People” which provides housing and healthy meals to young homeless people (ages 16-25) A true goal for improving social inclusion! Read more here.


40.000 fresh sandwiches were collected during the UEFA EURO Cup in Paris this summer! “Foot for Food” was the campaign collaboration between the French Federation of Food Banks and the European Football Association, who joined forces to fight hunger and food waste during Europe’s biggest football event.

40.000 sandwiches were collected by local food banks, throughout the 51 games at more than 10 stadiums in France. Nearly 7 tonnes of food were redistributed to charities! Read more here.


Capture d e cran 2016 09 12 a  11.31.40 v2Recovery, collection and REDISTRIBTION of food for charitable purposes” is the title of the new best practice manual for food donations, published by The Italian Federation of Food banks, Fondazione Banco Alimentare ONLUS in collaboration with Caritas Italy.

The manual will be a guide that highlights the rules and regulations for food safety and hygiene in accordance with the Italian law. This will improve the donation and distribution procedures for thousands of charitable organizations that recover, collect, store and distribute food in Italy. Read the manual in Italian or English here.


Congratulations to the team at Matsentralen, the Oslo food bank, who were awarded the national Environment Award for 2016!

Matsentralen collected more than 1000 tonnes of food, which reduced the emission of C02 by 1500 tonnes in 2015. Read more here.


Raben logoThe Polish Food Bank has enjoyed a successful first year of collaboration with the logistics company Raben Group. Raben Group has transported more than 16,000 pallets of food with short best-before dates to the Polish Food Banks.

The Raben Group has published their CSR report for 2015 and states: “The cooperation with food banks is building our competitive advantage. We are helping Food Banks to save food against wastage using our competencies - planning the optimal supply chain and the high-quality transport services" - comments Marta Szymborska, CSR Leader in Raben Group. Read more here.


Queen Sofia of Spain paid an official visit to the Food Bank in Zaragoza back in April, to meet and acknowledge the valuable work carried out by the more than 130 volunteers. The Queen Sofia Foundation has supported the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) since 2012, and the Queen has since shown a devoted interest to the important work of food banks.
The Queen Sofia Foundation has supported the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) since 2012, and the Queen has since shown a devoted interest to the important work of food banks. Read more here.

Michelin Man v2Apart from the royal visit the world famous tire company Michelin Spain Portugal S.A, has signed a three-year agreement with the Federation of Spanish Food Banks.
The agreement was signed by José Rebollo Fernández, president of Michelin in Spain and Portugal, and will ensure the donation and maintenance of tires for all vehicles of the 55 food banks in Spain, ensuring safe transport of food to all charities! Read more here.

 MG 6799 copy v2New Communication Service Provider

Welcome to our to new communication consultant: Carolina Diaz-Lönborg. She will handle communication related activities, such as social media, website content, press articles and newsletters as well as assisting in the planning of our events.

Carolina will engage with all members, and will be reaching out to all members to get news and “stories” in order enhance the visibility of food banking and promote best practices and useful knowledge.

If you have best practices, stories of food banking successes or obstacles, questions or comments please contact Carolina at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.