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European Parliament, Council and Comission to start negociations on the EU Framework Directive

On March 14Th, the European Parliament adopted MEP Simona Bonafé’s report on the EU waste framework directive. Read more.


17917884 818218655009146 565477070632720328 oHighlights from the 2017 FEBA annual convention

More than 90 delegates from 30 countries traveled to the city to join the two-day annual convention. Read more.


The Social impact of the FEBA network

In 2016, the 326 FEBA member foodbanks and their branches in 23 countries supported 6.1 million people. Read more.


1417711567016The environmental impact of food banks

In the recent years, food banks have begun to consider the (positive) environmental impact of recovering and distributing surplus food. Read more.





bloombergBloomberg Philanthropies- dedicated to reducing waste in Europe

For over five years now Bloomberg has been supporting FEBA and its members, lastly through a grant given on World food day 2016. Read more.