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Food collection Spain 2013 235x235-1As it happens every year, at the beginning of winter, the FEBA Food Banks members organize food drives in shops and supermarkets, mobilizing more than 350,000 volunteers across Europe. In 2013, 43 057 tons of food have been collected.

For a long time, the associations helping the most deprived persons have noticed that the demand for food assistance is continuously increasing. Fortunately, as every year, the generosity of volunteers and donors has helped to ensure the success of these collections and to support the work of these charitable organizations.

Here are the results of the food drives organized at the end of this year:




Hungary: November 22nd and 23rd, 140 tons of food collected.Food collection Hungary 2013 (1 314x235)-1

Belgium: November 25th to December 3rd, 596 tons collected in shops

France, Italy, and Romania: November 29th and/or 30th, 12 500 tons collected in France and 9 037 tons in Italy.

Portugal: November 30th to December 1st, 2 767 tons collected.

Poland, United Kingdom: November 29th to December 1st:

Food collection Hungary 2013 (1 314x235)-1In Poland, the motto of this year 's collection was the " Super Heroes Week-End ". 800 tons of food products have been collected.

In the United Kingdom, "FareShare", the Federation of Food Banks, collected food for the equivalent of 4.3 million meals thanks to the generosity of donors and the exemplary support of the supermarket chain Tesco. These meals will be distributed to 1 000 "FareShare" partners charitable organizations.

Luxembourg: December 6th and 7th

Slovakia: December 14th

Estonia: from December 13th to 15th

Finally, Lithuania, Serbia, Macedonia (1.5 ton) and Ukraine have organized collections on the occasion of World Food Day and the Eradication of Poverty on October 16th and 17th 2013.

In Ukraine, a country that has joined the network in October 2013, more than 100 food baskets containing food collected within companies: Cargill, Lactalis, Toepfer, Lafarge and Crédit Agricole. They have been distributed to people suffering from tuberculosis and also to homeless children and persons living in Kiev and its surroundings.

Special congratulations to the countries organizing their first national campaign!

In Greece, 9 000 food baskets were distributed to about 23 000 poor people despite the economic crisis that affects a large part of the Greek population. The willingness to help of the Greek donors on this occasion is impressive. Those who did not have sufficient financial means to acquire an entire food basket nevertheless contributed by buying just one of the products in the basket. The Czech Republic has collected 66 tons during this first national collection. After the success of the local collections launched by the Barcelona Food Bank and other Food Banks, the Spanish Federation of Food Banks organized its first national campaign and collected 15 000 tons of food.