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FEBA's network welcomes its 257th Food Bank, Matsentralen - Oslo

Matsentralen – FEBA Norway was founded by three big charity organisations: The Salvation Army, The Blue Cross and The Church City Mission, and additionally by some representatives of food processing industries and large retailers. It was officially registered in September 2013, when it began its activities using a large state of the art warehouse rented by The Salvation Army.

Norway became a FEBA member in October 2014 and today helps more than 70 charity partner organisations which care for about 4000 people. The Food Bank (FB) will distribute about 600 tons of products in 2014. It benefits from 4 regular volunteers.

In order to develop a national network of FBs, a study is underway on the distribution of food donations in the country’s ten largest towns

Welcome to Matsentralen, 257e Food Bank of FEBA’s network.

Practical informations: NORWAY

Population: 5 million
Rate of population living below poverty level: 3,5%

Foodbank name: Matsentralen - Oslo
Contact: Gjermund Stormoen, General Manager - email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.