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Two FEBA volunteers made their first time to the Food Bank of Albania Fondation on the 23 and 24 of october 2014.

The bylaws of the Food Bank of Albania Fondation has been registered in september 2013. A young and dynamic international team of 15 regulars volunteers works at Tirana. The Food Bank (FB) operates in a warehouse in Tirana. The managing director attented the FEBA training sessions on developing Food Bank last march.

For the moment, the FB organizes small food collection events in order to raise awarness on foodbanking activities amont the public. Thanks to all this events, the FB plans to distribute 50 tons on 2015. For example, in several schools, children have been asked to bring a bag of food to give to the most deprived. For this particular event, 25 volunteers helped to collect food.

Meetings with the future partners

Purpose of FEBA's visit was also to meet the future partners of the Food Bank. Meetings with three charity organizations took place : Fida which prepares soup twice a week for 150 people, Total Encouragement, and Sh.KB.Sha that helps prisoners and their families.

Two meetings with sponsors and potential food donors were organised Vodafone Foundation, who supports the development of the Food Bank and one with Carrefour-Marinopoulos.

Food Bank of Albania Fondation is preparing its first instore food collection the two last week-ends of december in various supermakets.

Practical informations : ALBANIA

Population : 3 millions
Rate of population living below poverty level : 25%

Foodbank name : Food Bank Albania Fondation – Tirana
Contact : Oltion Shena, managing director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.