Social Grocery r

Thirteen members of the Food Banks (FB) of seven countries and the team FEBA have participated, for three days, at a training on hygiene and food safety organized by FEBA and the French Federation in Marseille's FB premises.

The program included : reminder of hygiene rules and safety on experiments, stocks and transport of food, management on expiry dates, traceability on food and alert treatments and organization of functions in the FB.

Three specialists of FB (French Federation, FB of Toulouse and FB of Gerona) and two executives of Cargill company delivered the training, and animated practical sessions held in the warehouse of Marseille's FB and in those of a partner association.

Good practice book used inside the French Federation, and an auto-evaluation tool on hygiene practices and food safety of a FB have been especially appreciated by the participants.

So, a huge thank you to the French Federation for leading this training, to the executives of Cargill company to share their expertise and of course to the FB of Marseille for its logistical support and for making us feel very welcomed.