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“Every Meal Matters” is the name of the food donation guide launched on June 30, 2016 in Brussels by the three organizations (See links below).

Twelve million tons of edible food is currently wasted in the processing and retail sectors (source: EU- FUSIONS study (March 2016). A tiny percentage of these quantities is recovered currently to make them available to vulnerable people. At the same time food insecurity continues to increase in Europe and food banks need to recover more nutritious food to support more people in need and better.

They will encourage donor partners to shift from opportunistic, unpredictable or one- off donations to sustainable donation partnership. They will also help build trust by clarifying the responsibilities between donors and receivers and strengthen the professionalism of our teams.

“ I hope that an increasing number of food businesses will adopt those guidelines and engage with our food banks to take proactive steps to support those experiencing poverty”, declared Patrick Alix, Secretary General of FEBA.