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"No time to waste, no food to waste" at TESCO stores in Central Europe

On Tuesday, October 18th, Ian Hutchins, the International Communication Manager of TESCO, signed a collaboration agreement with the presidents of the federations of food banks in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

IMG 8719The agreement was announced at the "No Food To Waste" conference held in Budapest, with Ian declaring that TESCO will take its commitment to reduce food waste and hunger a step further: "Today we are committing to working with national governments and local charity partners so that by 2020 all our stores in Central Europe will offer food that cannot be sold anymore but is still fit for consumption to local charities to help feed people in need"

This cooperation paves the way for other retail chains to engage with food banks to redistribute their surplus food to the local vurnerable populations, rather than throwing it away. It is also a true reflection of the FEBA spirit, as Secretary General, Patrick Alix pointed out during the conference: "Building sustainable parternships with various constituents of the communities we live in is at the heart of our dual mission of alleviating food poverty and combating waste. The strategic agreement announced today by TESCO with our food bank members in Europe after two years of mutual learning to maximize its impact is a strong example of how companies can engage with us to effectively tackle food waste while delivering real benefits to the most vulnerable and needy people in our societies"