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Strong progress for the Beograd Food Bank

FEBA representatives paid a three-day visit to the Beograd Food Bank in Serbia in early October. The purpose of the visit was to support the progress of the food bank, learn more about their fruitful partnership with national retailer Delhaize, and to discuss further options to alleviate current obstacles to food donations in Serbia.

We feed the ones in need

The Beograd Food Bank plays an irreplaceable role to many vulnerable people living in Serbia today. Since its inception ten years ago, the food bank has managed to help more than 110 000 people living in food poverty across Serbia. In 2016, the Beograd food bank increased its impact by launching the program "We feed the ones in need" in collaboration with Delhaize. The program enables 58 partner charities to directly collect fresh fruits and vegetables from the 154 supermarkets across Serbia. It provides fresh products to around 8 000 vulnerbable people, each month. This donation, has a major impact on providing a balanced and nutritious diet to each benefiacy. The program will continue in 2017 and the variety of food supplies available to the local charities will increase.

Conditions for food banking

During their visit, FEBA's representatives had the opportunity to meet and engage with the National Assembly Vice-President, Vladimir Marinkovic, who expressed his willingness to help improve the regulatory framework for food donations in Serbia. Mr. Marinkovic even suggested a cooperation with FEBA to facilitate the change of VAT regulations on food donations. FEBA also had the opportunity to visit several charities who receive food supplies from the food bank, including a center of support and education for diabled children in Beograd named the "The Blue Shell" During this visit we were happy to see the impact of the wonderful work that is being done to help deprived children.  

 13. A visit to a charity for disabled children in Belgrade