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The Polish Food Bank federation is taking action to reduce food waste in school canteens. A study from Harvard University has recently proven that short lunch breaks can be a root cause for food waste in schools.

schoolkids in polandThe Polish Federation of food banks launches campaign to promote longer breaks

The Harvard study shows that if children get a 20 minute lunch break or less, they are more likely to 1) eat the "easy" foods and to gobble the unhealthy snacks first and 2) let the fresh and healthy options go to waste, since the time to finish their meal is too short. On World Food Day 2016, the Polish Federation launched their joint campaign, supported by IKEA, to raise awareness and encourage the Polish schools to prolong their lunch breaks. Luckily, Polish schools may adjust their lunch breaks autonomously. Providing  information and raising awareness among schools and their administrations is therefore essential. With the support from IKEA, the Polish FB Federation has produced written informative material sent out to all schools, urging and informing them about the importance of giving the school kids longer lunch breaks.


"We hope to encourage other European countries to take up these issues regarding the length of the lunch breaks in schools. We believe this could eventually become a European campaign, since there are other countries dealing with the same problem of having lunch breaks that do not give the kids the time to finish their meal" say Maria Kowalewska from the Polish Federation of Food Banks.