Social Grocery r

In 2016, the 326 FEBA member foodbanks and their branches in 23 countries supported 6.1 million people through 37,200 partner associations that accompany them all year around.

unnamed 5535,000 tons of food were distributed, equivalent to 2,9 million meals-equivalent per day. This would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of 16 400 “co- workers”, of which 90 % are regular volunteers.  

Growing food donation agreements in the retail and food production industry

Surplus food collected from the manufacturing/processing sector and from the retail industry continued to increase in 2016, boosted by the development of the delegated collections from stores to partner charities and new legislations aiming to facilitate food donations to social organizations.

All these figures show an increase versus last year, reflecting the dynamism of the network and of its partner associations in recovering more surplus food to help more people in need. However, the increase, is also an unfortunate reflection of the difficulties our societies face in light of the continuing rise of income inequality among EU populations.     


The picture shows a family in Albania, happy to receive food from the food bank. (2016)