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For over five years now Bloomberg has been supporting FEBA and its members, lastly through a grant given on World food day 2016. FEBA was able to distribute the grant to 15 member countries during 2016.

bloombergBloombergs' corporate volunteers support a FEBA member

In addition, last year, the FEBA Irish member, CrossCare, was the recipient of the annual “Dollars for Your Hours” scheme at Bloomberg. “Dollars for Your Hours” enables employees to donate 5 000 USD, on behalf of Bloomberg, to a given charity, as a reward for completing 50 hours of volunteer work. This exclusive donation to CrossCare will undoubtedly support their wide ranging efforts on social inclusion through distribution of food to charities.

Although Bloomberg has been a FEBA parnter for several years, we are always happy to communicate this fruitful partnership to all FEBA stakeholders.

Bloomberg Philanthropies is dedicated to supporting non-governmental organizations and projects working with public health, the environment, the arts and education.