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DCRIfkcWsAIl5EaOn June 14th, FEBA's president and General Secretary joined the third meeting of the Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste in Brussels.

On June 14th, FEBA's President and Secretary General joined the third meeting of the Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste in Brussels.

The meeting was kicked off by EU Commissioner, V. Andriukaitis who confirmed the EU’s commitment to fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Goals: “The Commissions commitment to the SDG agenda is steadfast and strong. It is our obligation to send this signal around the EU and the world.”

Breaking down EU’s regulatory framework on food donation.

The “EU guidelines on Food Donation”, will encourage EU Member states to fulfill target 12.3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which aims to halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels in 2030. The objective of the guidelines is to: “Facilitate compliance of surplus food providers and recipients with requirements laid down in EU regulatory framework (food safety, food hygiene, traceability, liability, VAT etc…)” and is expected to enter its final piloting phase by end of 2017, as presented by EU DG Health and Safety.

FEBA representatives included its President, Jacques Vandenschrik and Secretary General Secretary, Patrick Alix. A proposal has been tabled with a view to improve fresh (use by) food donation guidelines.

Other speakers included representatives from the federations of food bank in France and Italy, who presented their viewpoints on the food waste laws implemented in their countries, and how this affects their work in food banking (Loi Garrot adopted in 2016 and Gadda Law 166/2016 respectively)

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