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Logo officiel ProxiDonThe story of Proxidon begins at the Rhône food bank in 2015, when tech-savvy volunteers submitted their idea for a food distribution app to the Google Impact Challenge 2015.

Proxidon complements and improves the "traditional food banking model”. Here is how.


Many small retailers and local charities connect

The concept of Proxidon is to create an intuitive digital platform to link small retailers with surplus food, to the closest local charity in need of food donations. Until now, small retailers have had a hard time donating their surplus food in small quantity to the local partner charities of food banks. At the same time it is not financially sustainable for food banks to recover small quantities of food from outlets. This problem is now solved by Proxidon, a mobile app which creates a direct link between the retailer, with a surplus to the local partner charity of food banks. Retailers can enter quantities down to just 2 kgif both retailer and charity are registered users, the app will use the geo locator to identify and suggest potential charities in the area, able to receive the surplus products. The potential of this innovative mobile app, was recognized by Google, who funded the development and piloting phase of the application among 50 local charities and 50 retail outlets in the Rhône region in 2016.

Useful strategy and growing interest

89 partner charities and 103 retailers are currently using the app in two departments in France (Rhône and Bouches-du-Rhône) The potential for food surplus recovery through Proxidon is currently estimated to 900 tonswhich is the equivalent of 1.8 million meals, if the app is used by 1500 retailers. For the time being 60 of the 79 food banks in France have expressed their interest to use the app. To reach more charities, a training on how to use the app is the first step forward offered by the Proxidon team.


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