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thecatEach year, the Hungarian food bank raises money by having celebrities run marathons to increase awareness about the issue of hunger and food waste.

Erzi the cat, ran through the streets of Budapest to raise money for the Hungarian Food Bank! How did she do it?

In April 2017, Erzi, the famous cat, raised enough money to distribute 20.000 food bags, consisting of 3-4 kg of varied veggies, fruits, canned and dried goods, to 325 charities across Hungary! 

CORRECTION: No, a real cat did not actually run the marathon, but herowner, Gergely Homonnay, did! Gergely Homonnay became famous for writing a blog from the point of view of his cat, Erzi and since then, he and his cat have become popular celebrities, making Erzi Hungary’s most famous cat (!)

We thank Gergely and Erzi for their support to the Hungarian Food Bank.