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What we do - Awareness raising and advocacy


FEBA raises awareness at EU level on: 

  • Poverty and malnutrition and their consequences on the health of the people concerned
  • Food waste and its disastrous consequences on the environment
  • The role of food banking, as a very effective solution to reduce hunger and food waste in Europe.

We advocate at EU level: 

  • For the right to food to remain at the heart of the policymaking. i.e the right for any human being to have a regular access to healthy food in sufficient quantity to enjoy an active and healthy life (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the dignity of human personality in 1948 ; The Rome declaration signed by 145 countries 1966)
  • For the implementation of  the principles of the food waste hierarchy.
  • For the lift of  legislative or regulatory or tax barriers of various sorts which prevent the donation of food  for social purpose in Member States.  

Food donation guidelines

An important part of our work is the development of guidelines for food donations. 

Read  FEBAs contribution to the  guidelines on food donations written in collaboration with EU authorities and major EU trade associations.

EU Guidelines on Food Donations             Every Meal Matters                Hospitality Industry Guidelines


Read the guidelines here.                    Read the guidelines here.        Read the guidelines here

Position Papers 

FEBA publishes position papers which present our comments and recommendations  on various EU level policy issues realted to foodbanking activities.

The latest ones concerned:

"Review of the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD)" Read the position paper here. 

"Circular Economy in Favour of the Most Deprived. Addressing food waste through redistribution". Read the position paper here.

"FEBA calls on EU Member States to support the European Parliament’s report on the EU Waste Framework Directive" Read the position paper here. 

"The European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) in Europe post-2020 - The positive impact of food and material assistance supporting the most deprived in Europe" Read the position paper here.






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