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Help to the most deprived people in Spain


The Food Aid Program 2019 (Program de Ayuda Alimentaria 2019) has started in Spain and will distribute 96,432,127 kilos of food, which represent more than 92 million euros.

The program is divided in three phases: two in 2019 and the third one in the first trimester of 2020. The first phase has started in June and will provide 27.11 million kilos of food to 5,600 associations, which represents 28% of the total amount of food that will be redistributed in the program.

The food will be redistributed by the Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos (FESBAL) and the Spanish Red Cross (Cruz Roja Española) and will help 1.3 million people in need.

This Food Aid Program 2019 is financed by 85% by the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) and by 15% by the national budget through the Fondo Español de Garantia Agraria (FEGA).

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