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From fruits to juices for the Spanish Food Banks


This year again, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Alimentation have launched a campaign to withdraw about 30.000 tons of fruits from the market, for the benefit of the Spanish Food Banks.

The Spanish Food Banks Federation (FESBAL) has concluded deals with industries that would transform the fruits in juices. To do so and then bottle the juices, the industry will get paid by keeping a part of the withdrawn fruits, which allows FESBAL not to spend money on this.

Once the fruits are collected, transformed in juices and bottled, FESBAL will redistribute it for free to the 55 Food Banks in Spain. Those Food Banks will then be able to give the juices to their beneficiaries.

According to the Management of producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables, this action is very positive: it gives a good balance between demand and offer in the market and it prevents from too many stocks in a vulnerable sector due to the perishable nature of the fruits.

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