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IPCC Report: we need to cut food waste to help fight climate change


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has launched a report that assesses the state of scientific knowledge related to climate change, its impacts and potential future risks, and possible response options.

First of all, this report shows that better land management can contribute to tackling climate change but is not the only solution. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors is essential if global warming is to be kept to well below 2°C, if not 1.5°C.

The report highlights that climate change is affecting all four pillars of food security: availability (yield and production), access (prices and ability to obtain food), utilization (nutrition and cooking), and stability (disruptions to availability). […]

About one third of food produced is lost or wasted. Causes of food loss and waste differ substantially between developed and developing countries, as well as between regions. Reducing this loss and waste would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve food security.

Other ways to adapt to the negative effects of climate change is by reducing inequalities, improving incomes, and ensuring equitable access to food so that some regions (where land cannot provide adequate food) are not disadvantaged. There are also methods to manage and share risks, some of which are already available, such as early warning systems.

Read the full report here.

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