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Rescuing frozen food in Malta


Reducing Food Waste is a major target for all Food Banks members of FEBA, just as is rescuing food and redistributing it to people in need. These are the aims practiced by all the Food Banks just as it is with the Malta Food Bank Foundation (MFBF).

A few months ago, the MFBF organised a conference to present the results of the project LIFE-Food-Waste-StandUp. In this context, the Food Bank held invited representatives coming from the food chain industry, among others. That event left a very good positive impact and right after, an arrangement was held with a company who donated to the MFBF the amount of 3,541 kilos of frozen food which was then redistributed to a few charities.

It is with great appreciation to this company that this food could have been rescued as well as distributed because MFBF do not yet own neither a walk-in freezer nor a refrigerated van. These long summer months lasting basically for eight months of the year make it very difficult for the Food Bank to accept this kind of food. This kind of donation had primarily posed a big problem and such food was being wasted previously. However, on discussing this issue with the company, the donor was very quick to come to our rescue and even offered to deliver the food themselves to our partners.

The MFBF is looking forward for the day when it will have the proper facilities to be able to rescue and redistribute a large amount of frozen goods which would otherwise go to waste. This would help a lot of families in need in Malta.

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