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Food Collections 2019: tons of food collected for people in need!


A lot of our members organized or are still organizing collections of food in supermarkets, in order to support charitable organizations and help people in need, especially in the wintertime.

Discover the figures of the different national food collections, per country:

  • Albania: 7-8 December, in CONAD supermarkets

The food collected yesterday by Food Bank Albania will help people who suffered from the earthquake.

  • Austria – 30 November:

Our Austrian Member Wiener Tafel collected 30 tons of non-perishable food in 64 Lidl stores across the country.

  • Belgium – 14-20 November
  • Czech Republic – 23 November:

This food collection was the widest ever in Czech Republic. More than 382 tons of food and hygiene products were collected in over 750 markets and shops by the Czech Federation of Food Banks. More than 4,500 volunteers were involved in this food collection. And the story goes on: companies and producers promised to organize food collections for the Food Banks in Czech Republic. An online collection also allowed people to make a donation, even if they were not able to go in a shop on the day of the collection.

  • Estonia: 13-14 December
  • France – 29 November to 1st December:

The Food Banks in France recovered 11,000 tons of non-perishable food, equivalent to 22 million meals, thanks to the help of 130,000 volunteers!

  • Greece: 6 December

7,514 bags of long lasting food were offered to Food Bank Greece! More than 400 volunteers were involved in this food collection across Athens.

  • Hungary – 22 to 24 November:

The Hungarian Food Bank Association collected 283 tons of food, in 207 shops across Hungary. 5,400 volunteers participated to this national food collection.

  • Ireland: last week of November-first week of December, in Aldi stores
  • Italy – 30 November:

8,100 tons were collected during the 23rd Food Collection of Banco Alimentare in Italy. Thanks to the donations the Food Banks in Italy will be able to redistribute the equivalent of 16,200,000 meals. The amount of food collected, together with what was recovered by the Food Bank in its ordinary activity throughout the year, will be distributed to about 7,500 charitable organizations that assist over 1.5 million people.

Before the food collection, Banco Alimentare launched a TV spot which was seen by more that 20 million people! See the video here.

  • Lithuania – 25 to 26 October:

The 28th Lithuanian food collection was organized by Maisto bankas in 417 supermarkets and food stores in 72 cities. 8,814 volunteers were involved. In total 443,500 various non-perishable food items were collected worth of 464,900 euros. The Lithuanian public had responded to the call of help to provide protein-rich foods: the amount of donated canned meat was almost twice as high than usual. Canned fish donations also had exceeded the usual level. The other most donated items traditionally were pasta, cereals, sugar and oil. The collected food will be distributed before Christmas to more than 50,000 people in need.

  • Poland – 29 to 30 November:

Our Polish Member collected 783 tons of food in 3,000 shops during its Christmas food collection. All this thanks to the generous donors and the help of 53,000 volunteers!

  • Portugal – 30 November to 1st December
  • Serbia – 11 to 13 October:

30 charities were involved in the food collection organized by Food Bank Belgrade, which took place in 62 Delhaize shops located in 16 Serbian cities. In total, 8,082 kilos were collected for the benefit of the Food Banks.

  • Slovenia – 14 to 21 October in some companies:

More than 37 tons of different food products were collected from 24 companies and groups. 10 volunteers from the Slovenian Food Bank SIBAHE participated in the action, with the task to collect the food from different places when the collection was completed.

  • Spain – 22 to 24 November:

21,000 tons of food were collected in 3 days in 11,000 stores. 120,000 volunteers were involved in this food collection. Read the press release (in Spanish) here.

  • Switzerland – 22 to 23 November :

184 tons of food were collected during the “Samedi du Partage” in Switzerland, which make a total amount of 338 tons of food together with the spring collection. This is a record for our Swiss Member Partage!

  • Ukraine – 16 October :

Within the framework of the World Food Day 2019, employees from METRO Group worked as volunteers in cooperation with charitable organizations’ representatives to inform METRO Group customers about the importance of fighting food waste and to invite them to donate food for people in need. Besides this initiative METRO Group, together with Food Bank Ukraine, helped 23 charitable organizations in 17 cities all over Ukraine.

  • United Kingdom – 21 to 23 November in Tesco shops

FareShare collected 261 tons of food in Tesco shops, thanks to the highest ever number of volunteers involved!

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