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Banco Alimentare and Municipality of Milan prevent food waste caused by the Coronavirus


More than 3 tons of food (especially salads, Parmesan cheese, dairy products and eggs) that were intended for the canteens of the schools in Milan, which are currently closed for the COVID-19, were instead donated to Banco Alimentare della Lombardia, the Food Bank in Lombardy, and to other organizations active in the recovery and distribution of surplus food.

Milano Catering, the subsidiary of the Municipality of Milan that prepares and distributes around 75,000 meals a day for the students of the city, has been contributing to the reduction of food waste for many years thanks to the collaboration with various civil society organizations.

"On Sunday, when the closure of the schools was decided, one of our concerns was to avoid the waste of tons of fresh food, which we could no longer distribute in the canteens” declared the President of Milan Catering Bernardo Notarangelo. “I thank the associations, the employees and all those who have helped to achieve this goal so effectively".

Banco Alimentare and the other organizations involved will distribute the food through their channels, giving a great contribution to the prevention of food waste caused by this exceptional situation.

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