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Food Banks facing the COVID-19 crisis


The President of the European Food Banks Federation was interviewed by a Belgian local TV on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the Food Banks in Belgium, but also in Europe. 

At the time being, Food Banks are working at 75%, according to Mr Vandenschrik. There is no shortage of food in the food supply chain but Food Banks are facing a problem with the recovery of surpluses. We have seen in the past days and weeks that people got scared and got on a shopping spree. This leads to less surpluses to be given by the supermarkets to organizations such as Food Banks. 

Mr Vandenschrik also pointed that the health crisis will definitely be followed by a social and economic crisis. Beneficiaries from the Food Banks are people with low income. In times of crisis, a lot of them can’t work anymore, which means even lower income. Food Banks have a big role to play now but will have an even bigger role in the future, in order to face this social crisis.


Last but not least, a lot of Food Banks have to work with less volunteers. Most of the volunteers are 65+ and have to stay home to preserve their health. Mr Vandenschrik than calls on young people to come and help in the Food Banks. We need the commitment of each person for the good of all!

Watch the interview here (in French).

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