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Tafel is a FEBA member


In March Tafel Deutschland became an official member of FEBA, the umbrella organization of European food banks. The Tafel are similar to food banks, which collect groceries and deliver them to charitable organization. In 2014 the national association of the Tafel partnered with FEBA. By becoming a member, Tafel Deutschland is expanding its commitment in Europe.

I am happy that Tafel Deutschland is now an official FEBA member. Neither food waste nor poverty relief stop at a country’s borders. That is why it is important for us to collectively voice the concerns and demands of European food banks in Brussels,” said Jochen Brühl, chairman of Tafel Deutschland.

Tafel Deutschland’s membership in FEBA is possibly the most important moment in our 32-year history of the European federation. This very important decision has come after years of friendly, extensive dialogue at a time that both organizations have reached a certain maturity. There are occasions when the efforts toward a common goal should be celebrated, and the membership of the national association of the German Tafel in the European Federation is such an occasion. The experience and the know-how of Tafel Deutschland and FEBA’s 23 other members will be mutually enriching. Together we will advance the targeted development of food banking in Europe,” explained FEBA’s president Jacques Vandenschrik.

During times of spreading populism and protectionist sentiments, our membership in FEBA is a clear commitment to Europe and our common values. As a new member, we also wish to discuss migration, diversity, tolerance and solidarity with our European partners. We want to find solutions to the new, increasingly complex challenges with which the Tafel and food banks are confronted,” Jochen Brühl continued.


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