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Solidarity lands in Marseille


On Saturday 19 May the launch of the collaboration between Costa Crociere and the Banque Alimentaire des Bouches du Rhône took place in the port of Marseille.

Costa Crociere, which is the largest Italian travel group and Europe's number one cruise operator with 70 years of tradition in passenger shipping, launched the project "4GoodFood" in collaboration with Banco Alimentare on 22 July 2017 in Savona and then it was replicated in December 2017 in Civitavecchia (Rome). The project is fast-growing and after Italy yesterday it was the turn of France, Marseille. Then it will be launched in Bari on 21 May.

The project consists in the recovey of ready to eat food, i.e. items prepared for daily buffet but not served to guests. Food is placed in special aluminium containers to ensure food safety and traceability, and then stored in refrigerators on board. The next day, when the ship docks in the port, the containers are delivered to the volunteers of the Food Bank and then to local charitable organizations assisting people in need.

This project, which was born in Italy, now is growing at European level and therefore FEBA strongly supports this initiative and looks forward to continuing the collaboration with Costa Crociere for the benefits of its members. Costa Crociere has been a commited initiator of this project which should be the source of inspiration for other large maritime companies.

This is an innovative source of supply with a very high qualitative and nutritional value and it brings together Food Banks even beyond the borders.

A big thank you goes to Costa Crociere for proposing this collaboration, Cuki for donating the necessary isothermal boxes, Banco Alimentare for passing the torch to French colleagues, Fédération Française des Banques Alimentaires and Banque Alimentaire des Bouches du Rhône for having accepted this new challenge.

An article published on the French newspaper "La Provence" is available here.

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