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Tallink donates surplus food to Toidupank


Estonian shipping company Tallink has donated almost half a ton of food to the Food Bank organization Toidupank.

Tallink said on its social media account that the move was made due to its ships being mostly off their regular schedules with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the government's emergency measures. The food includes sausage, cheese and biscuits.

"Due to the emergency situation, a few things are out these days, with ships in port and huge food supplies staying in the fridge," Tallink wrote on its social media page.

"In order not to feel morose with these 450 kiolos of homemade sausages, we sent it to Toidupank… they wil find plenty of food, from mozzarella to mouth-watering cookies," Tallink added.

Tallink is also running a series of voyages to the north German port of Sassnitz to take Estonian citizens and others stranded in Europe as states in the region close their borders as an anti-coronavirus measure. The first of these reached Riga late on Thursday night. Most of the remaining daily voyages will sail from and back to Paldiski, west of Tallinn.

Toidupank was established in 2010 to help prevent food waste and fight poverty, and works every day to rescue food from supermarkets, food producers and importers which would otherwise have gone to waste, and involving the local community. Its food collections involve collecting types of food with long expiry dates only. It had to cancel its planned spring food collection at supermarkets around Estonia due to the virus pandemic.


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