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The Cepsa Foundation reinforces the campaign of Food Banks in Spain to cover the needs of the most vulnerable groups to cope with COVID-19


  • The Cepsa Foundation has responded to the urgent request of the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) by donating € 200,000 for the purchase of 300,000 kilos of food to respond to the health emergency that is affecting the most disadvantaged by the pandemic.
  • The Cepsa Foundation has launched other measures such as the delivery of fuel checks to the regional governments of Madrid and the Canary Islands for medical travel.
  • In parallel, Cepsa maintains all its efforts focused on maintaining the energy supply in homes and public spaces, and provisioning of raw materials for the manufacture of sanitary products and detergents.

Due to the health crisis caused by the expansion of COVID-19, the Cepsa Foundation, in order to agilely help in the fight against the most pressing effects of the pandemic, has responded to the urgent request launched by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks to respond to the urgent need for purchasing and distributing basic food stuff among the most disadvantaged groups. The Extraordinary Food Collection Campaign COVID-19 frames the collaboration between both entities, through which the Foundation will donate € 200,000, which will mean the purchase of 300,000 kilos of basic necessities.

According to FESBAL, there are currently more than 1 million people with food needs in Spain. With the contribution of the Foundation, 2,000 people will be given access to food during the following two months. This initiative will be for the benefit of the Food Banks of Madrid, Huelva, Algeciras, Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

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