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Updates from Lithuania during COVID-19 crisis


Maisto bankas, the Food Bank in Lithuania, is fully operating even in these difficult conditions.

They reported a decrease of 25% of small charities that have closed because cannot operate during the COVID 19, which led to an increase of individuals that need support in the places where the charities don’t operate. The other 75% of Food Bank partner organizations operate in the same or even bigger scale.

In the first week of the COVID 19 in Lithuania there has been a decrease of food quantity, but now the numbers are getting back to the usual, some are even bigger.

Lithuanian Food Bank has launched a campaign to gather non-perishable food in the biggest distribution chains of Lithuania, asking for food donations and surplus food.

As expected, Lithuanian Food Bank experienced a lack of volunteers in the first days of COVID, that is why they have joined a national campaign to recruit new volunteers, workings even with companies that provided taxi services to promote volunteers among their drivers to help to deliver the products to the homes of people at risk.

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