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Updates from Slovenia during COVID-19 crisis


Updated on 7/05:

Another month of COVID-19 measures was for SIBAHE in any ways loaded with work, but on noticeable more relax level than in previous month, when the fear from virus was present on much higher level. In April 2020, many charities started with their work again, after they closed the door in March because COVID-19 fear and restricting measures. Currently, the Food Bank is involved in humanitarian activity with 36 partner organisations, together with civil protection groups inside municipalities helping more than 10.000 people.

During Easter period they prepared packages of food for families (those with 4 or more children) – bigger than last year (each worth between 150 and 250 EUR) for 40 families with important difference - this year there was no a special event with priest (who will bless the food and families) and in most cases packages were delivered to families who stayed at their homes.

The activities continue and, despite the increasing amounts of food donations received in last days/weeks, every new donation counts as can support the Food Bank – both food and financial donations.

At present time SIBAHE is still missing better and easier access to protection equipment. The Food Bank is trying to adapt to the new situation despite many difficulties due to the lack of storage space and other issues in relation to the logistics costs to cover the increased operations.

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