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Quantifying the Impact of European Food Banks - Laying solid foundations


On 6-7 April 2020, the European Food Banks Federation organized the Workshop 1 of the project “Quantifying the Impact of European Food Banks – From Farm to Fork”. It was organized in collaboration with FoodCloud and took place virtually. 8 participants from the selected Pilot Group (Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway and Spain) actively participated in the online workshop. The workshop was guided by the leading team of the project (FEBA Team, Laura Gavinelli, Fabio Fraticelli and Chiara Grassi) with inspiring insights from experts.

Followingthelaunchoftheproject during the kick-off meeting on 2 March 2020, the first online workshop for the Pilot Group took place with the main objective to identify common KPIs, share a standardized and consistent methodology for data collection across Food Banks, and define how to make sense of the information of impact management and measurement.

The kick-off meeting was the occasion to introduce the general framework of the project explaining what data really are, why they are important, and how it is possible to move from goals to indicators to measure the performance of the Food Banks and how these indicators can flow into a single database that must be thought of as a tool for making the right decisions and show evidence of the performance and impacts of Food Banks at European level.

In this workshop participants were guided by the leading team to go into more detail with the topic of KPIs by asking three questions:

  1. What do we have? Overview of the indicators that Food Banks already use or have today.
  2. What indicators are we missing and what do we need? With respect to the areas of impact to monitor (economic, social, nutritional, environmental), participants discussed on the sets of indicators that are still considered inadequate, problematic, absent, as well as on what are the missing ones.
  3. How can data look like once operationalized in the database? A first platform’s web frame proposal was presented to participants.

The presentations from experts – Vivienne Lawlor from FoodCloud and John McGrath from IBM – were inspiring, especially to have a broader and challenging vision during these first steps of the project.

Read the report of the meeting here.

The second online workshop of the project will take place virtually the 5 May 2020 and will focus on communications and how to make data speak.


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