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Updates from Albania during COVID-19 crisis


Updates on 5 June

In Albania, in the past 3 months, the recovery of fresh food products has tripled to 20 tons per month and the Food Bank is redistributing surplus food more than ever.

The Food Bank estimates to deliver about 30-40 tons of fresh products during each of the summer month serving more than 70 charities and 20 state institutions.

The Food Bank managed to install a new cool room for the fresh products so that there will be more time available to distribute the bigger load of food received as well as better handling of area distributions. After the earthquake of November 2019, Albania is experiencing an increase in the number of people in need and Covid-19 emergency has worsen the situation.

The increase of surplus food donation and the new cooling room will allow the Food Bank to support more charities and soup kitchen in the most affected areas of the country distributing more than triple of surplus food.

Updates on 4 May

The Albanian Food Bank due to the Covid-19 emergency is working intensively to be close to the families in need. With funds and donations so far, they are collecting and distributing even more food. However, it should be noted that, over the past two weeks, aid requests have almost doubled. They have supported and continue to support families affected by the earthquake; however, the current crisis is a challenge to the capacity of any organization, or any institution.

They ask for help so that they can continue to work to help families who need our support.

Food Banks across Europe are redirecting food waste to the needy.

COVID-19 has shown that it can affect anyone, but statistics also show that the most affected strata are the most vulnerable strata of society as well as the poorest economically.

Pandemics are closely related to social wounds such as hunger. For this reason, during the last two weeks Food Bank Albania has distributed more than 1000 food packages in cooperation with state institutions such as the Municipality of Tirana, Social Service in Shkodra, Social Service in Elbasan, Mirdita Prefecture and all other local organizations supported.

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