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1 million kilos of fruit and vegetables for Food Banks in Netherlands


The Groente & Fruitbrigade has saved 1,000,000 kilos of fruit and vegetables from waste and delivered them to Food Banks since 2018, thanks to the involvement of volunteers and new suppliers.

In these times it appears even more important than usual to provide the poorest people in the Netherlands with fruit and vegetables. Given the importance of fresh food aid, the Groente & Fruitbrigade is committed to expanding with new locations.

Food Banks in the Netherlands started a trial in the summer of 2018 to get more fruit and vegetables into the food packages. The suppliers are fruit and vegetable companies that donate their surplus. They are fruit and vegetables products with a spot or a slightly different shape or colour, which are still perfectly suitable for consumption.

In almost 1 year, the Groente & Fruitbrigade collected over 1,000,000 kilos of fruit and vegetables. With this, the organization supported approximately 88,000 people per week through Food Banks.

With the corona crisis, the supply of fresh food to the Food Banks is more important than ever.

The team's ambition is to provide all Food Bank beneficiaries in the Netherlands with 1 kg of fruit and vegetables per week.

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