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Updates from North Macedonia during COVID-19 crisis


Updated on 8 June

Food Bank in Macedonia is making an incredible effort to save surplus food and help the most deprived in the country.

As a result of this, during the month of May only, FBMK collected a distributed more than 30 tons of food and hygienic products for the benefit of more than 4300 families. 

To have more information, please access this link:

Link 1

Link 2



Updated on 13 May

Food Bank's daily activities in North Macedonia doesn't stop. In this period of Emergency, the Food Bank contributed to support the most vulnerable people.

In fact, after several appeals and maximum engagements they succeed to collect surplus food and distributed over 40 tonnes  of food and hygienic materials in the last 40-45 days, only in two Municipalities of the country.

Over 4000 households have been supported and still will be supported in the upcoming period.

Moreover, a lot of companies decided to donate to the Food Bank mainly surplus food to be redistributed.

Last but not least, two weeks ago the President of North Macedonia decided to support the Food Bank in this challenging period – to discover more on the campaign link here.

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