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Barilla Belgium gives 200,000 pasta meals to answer the call of Food Banks and Restos du Coeur


Food insecurity is hitting more and more people in Belgium following the negative impact of Covid-19 on all economic sectors. In order to provide a concrete response to this dramatic situation, Barilla Belgium has decided to donate 200,000 meals in the form of 20 tonnes of pasta to be distributed by the Belgian Food Banks and Restos du Coeur.

To cope with the corona crisis, the Food Banks had to adapt by exceptionally purchasing food; foodstuffs of large surfaces being reduced during this dramatic period. So we also appealed for donations of long-life food, including pasta, to replenish our stocks, so that we can continue to support those in need. The products donated by Barilla will help us meet the growing needs of our network, which plans to increase the number of beneficiaries by almost 20%,”explains Jozef Mottar Managing Director of the Belgian Federation of Food Banks.

"Barilla has long had the vocation of being a corporate citizen. Our values ??of respect for people and the environment naturally imply that we engage in actions to help the most disadvantaged. In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to ensure that everyone can eat their fill."Said Frédéric Bodereau, CEO of Barilla Belgium.

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