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Data Collection: 3rd Online Workshop on Economic Indicators


Following the launch of the project during the kick-off meeting on 2 March 2020, the first online workshop for the Pilot Group took place in April with the main objective to identify common indicators, share a standardized and consistent methodology for data collection across Food Banks, and define how to make sense of the information of impact management and measurement. The second online workshop at the beginning of May focused on communication and on “make data speak” with the objective of focusing on the value of data for fund/food raising and communication.

From this point on, the Pilot Group will concentrate on 4 areas of indicators regarding Food Banks: economic, social, environmental, and nutritional. The objective is to define common indicators to create an online observatory on food donation.

The third online workshop focused on the economic area, trying to identify the most important economic indicators for Food Banks. The topic was addressed from the perspective of Food Banks but also with the support of external experts. In total, 21 participants attended the meeting, both from the Food Banks world and from the academia and EU institutions.

To have a broader overview on the project, please visit the dedicated webpage of the project.

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