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Football star Marcus Rashford forms taskforce to fight child food poverty


Marcus Rashford, England international footballer, committed to fight child food poverty by creating a Task Force composed of 12 organizations, including FareShare.

The Task Force will endorse the following three policy recommendations of the National Food Strategy:

  1.    Expansion of free school meals to every child from a household on Universal Credit or equivalent, reaching an additional 1.5million 7-16 year olds
  2.    Expansion of holiday provision (food and activities) to support all children on free school meals, reaching an additional 1.1million children
  3.    Increasing the value of the Healthy Start vouchers to £4.25 per week (from £3.10) and expanding into all those on Universal Credit or equivalent, reaching an additional 290,000 pregnant women and children under the age of 4

Over the next 6 weeks, the task force will dedicate their platforms to sharing real stories of those most affected by child food insecurity in the UK, supported by real-time statistics. The goal is to receive sufficient funds to implement the 3 policy recommendations.

We are grateful to Marcus for his continued support of FareShare and for bravely shining a light on such an important issue, and look forward to working with him and the Task Force in the coming weeks to change the state of child hunger in the UK” said Lindsay Boswell, FareShare Chief Executive.

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