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Hunger in Abundance: why we need Food Banks to reduce food insecurity and prevent food waste


Every day, Food Banks around the world ensure food is not wasted from the food supply chain, redistributing it to charities for the benefit of those in need. They address food insecurity, manage surpluses and prevent loss and waste at source, supporting the shift to a more sustainable, equitable and healthier food system for all. […]

Food banks are an integral part of the food system because they promote the transition from a linear to a circular economy: what could be lost or wasted is re-valued for the benefit of the economy, the planet, and people.”

Jacques Vandenschrik, President of FEBA, was asked by OECD to write an editorial about how Food Banks address the COVID-19 crisis. The editorial is part of a series from the OECD Forum Network.

Read the editorial of FEBA President here.

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