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Data Collection & Digital Transformation. First steps of the online Observatory on Food Donation


On 30 October 2020 the Workshop 4 of the project “Quantifying the Impact of European Food Banks: from Farm to Fork” took place virtually. 

The final goal of this session was to present members of the Pilot Group the first release of the online platform of the Observatory on Food Donation and explain them the work behind the scenes of the Leading Team (FEBA and external experts) to select the KPIs and have a first final set of indicators for the release of the platform at the end of the first year of the project.  


External experts started showing participants the main features and functionalities of the platform and as from mid-November FEBA, together with the external experts, will conduct one-by-one meetings to train members of the Pilot Group and finetune the first release of the platform for the benefit of the entire membership and to reach the goal set for the first year of the project of Data Collection & Digital Transformation.  

Stay tuned!  

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