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Food losses and food waste: assessment of progress made in implementing the Council conclusions adopted on 28 June 2016


On 28 June 2016, the Council of the European Union adopted conclusions on food losses and food waste in which it called on the Member States and the Commission to take further action. In its conclusions, the Council also stated that progress made in implementing the measures recommended should be assessed periodically.

A first assessment took place in 2018 under the Bulgarian Presidency.

For this second periodical assessment, the German Presidency has prepared an overview of progress made on the basis of contributions sent in by all Member States (Appendix 1 to the document) and has received a contribution from the Commission (Appendix 2 to the document). The document offers a comprehensive background on the topics and the state of play in the EU as regards food losses and waste. In the section dedicated to the outlook for the future, it is declared that the first comparable results from the measurement of food losses and food waste generated in the Member States will be available in summer 2022, for the year 2020.

Appendix 1 is dedicated to the progresses made by Member States in implementing the 2016 Council conclusions divided in sections with the different calls upon Member States such as their commitment to the achievement of SDG 12.3, the contribution to the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste, the encouragement of the implementation of the waste management hierarchy and the food use hierarchy, by prioritising prevention of food losses and waste, reuse of safe and nutritious food suitable for human consumption etc.

Appendix 2 is the Commission’s contribution.

To read and download the full document, click here.

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