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250 tons of food to help people in need before Christmas in Hungary


During the food collection which took place on 27, 28 and 29 November in more than 250 stores and 160 settlements across the country, the Hungarian Food Bank Association collected a total of about 250 tons of durable food with the help of nearly 6,000 volunteers. Nearly 50,000 thousand food packages will be made from the donations, which will help the needy.

The aim of the action this year was not only to beautify the festive period, but also to alleviate the hardships caused to the needy by the protracted effects of Covid-19.

The generosity and commitment of the donors proved that we made the right decision when we undertook to organize the collection in the epidemic situation. We thank all donors for thinking about the needy even in the most difficult months of the Covid-19 epidemic, and with their donations, we can help those in vulnerable situations together. We thank our volunteers and partners for working with us, ”said Balázs Cseh, President of the Food Bank Association.

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