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Opening of newly acquired premises for SIBAHE - Slovenian Food Bank


In the beginning of December 2020, SIBAHE - Slovenian Food Bank officially opened the doors of its newly acquired premises in the Municipality of Lendava. SIBAHE acquired the new premises after more than 4 years of operation, providing its assistance to more than 120 families in municipality Lendava and in other surrounding municipalities in Pomurje region. The premises are however not big and are rented, but it is a fact that concrete acquisition is of great importance for the Food Bank: with such added capacity it will be now possible for the organisation's activity to be more extensive, and present at even higher level than before. Still, regardless to, however very important, newly gained premises, SIBAHE continues to look for even more affordable storage place, that will allow for organisation's humanitarian work to be even more professional and effective.

Local article about this can be found on here.

It is also worth to mention that SIBAHE in December 2020 starts to recover food surpluses from local supermarket in municipality Lendava (Pomurje region), so it is expected in year 2021 for present activities to be regular, with possibility to be extended.

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