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President of Banco Alimentare in the Top 100 Business People


The Top 100 Business People is a roundup of 100 names: 100 people including managers and entrepreneurs that Business People has outlined as undisputed protagonists of the economy of Italy.

Outstanding profiles who in these dark months have managed to make a difference, reacting to the pandemic that has hit Italy hard. These are people who run companies that have been able to face reality with courage and commitment. Businessmen capable of listening to and serving the needs of others. People capable of facing a difficult situation, with intelligence and responsibility, wondering what our community, our country and our planet need.

In this Top 100 of 2021 we find Giovanni Bruno, President of Banco Alimentare. This recognition represents an important signal on a cultural level and an encouragement towards a more inclusive economic model. A new push to face the next challenging months and an acknowledgment for all the people working at Banco Alimentare who, every day, put their passion to recover and redistribute food.

"It is an important recognition” comments Giovanni, “not to a person but to Banco Alimentare. We consider it a strong cultural signal: a Third Sector organization is recognized as influential for the contribution it brings to the redesign of the economy in our country. This has been made possible thanks to the establishment of partnerships with many companies and charitable organization in the area, having the role of a "bridge" between profit and non-profit world achieved in over thirty years. This recognition, for which we are deeply grateful and honored, represents a strong sign of novelty and significant constructive hope, particularly in this period of transition as a stimulus and incentive to a renewed and conscious responsibility”.

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