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Czech Food Banks help distribute masks to people in need


Czech Republic is facing a terrible situation due to COVID-19. A lot of supporting systems are collapsing. Food Banks identified the serious demand for masks and respirator from the side of NGO supporting people in need. Deprived people without help from the state couldn’t comply with the regulation of wearing mask or respirators.

The Czech Food Banks negotiated with the Ministry of Social Affairs to release 7,5 millions of mask and 3 millions of respirators for people in need, which were delivered to the warehouses of the Food Banks by firemen. These protective equipment were distributed in two weeks’ time to NGO, charities and to towns, villages, and local authorities.

To provide the distribution as fast as it was needed without public tender, the Food Banks provided this service for people voluntary without any financial requirements. The equipment reached hundred thousands of people.

Nobody asked the Food Banks to help, they did because they could and they became the fastest distribution channel for people in need in Czech Republic. Congratulations to the Czech Food Banks who felt that the mission of the Food Banks is to help when it’s needed, not only with food.

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