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Hungarian Food Bank and Munch enter into strategic partnership


The Hungarian Food Bank Association and Munch, the Food Saving Social Enterprise, have concluded an investment agreement. Thanks to the cooperation between the Food Bank and Munch, food surplus in the hospitality sector will also become available to people in need in the future.

Nowadays more and more initiatives are being taken to help reducing food waste under the umbrella of creating a sustainable environment. The strategic partnership between the Hungarian Food Bank Association and Munch is an important milestone in this process.

Munch is a fast-growing Hungarian online platform, where already more than 150 hospitability companies - restaurants, bakeries, shops and hotels – are selling discounted unsold but high-quality food in several Hungarian cities. However, some of the food packages offered by the restaurants remain, despite the discounted price. These food items would be thrown away, even though they could provide great help to many people in need. The Hungarian Food Bank Association, thanks to its national network of partner organizations, is able to reach those in need who are happy to go for the remaining portions. Thanks to the partnership, Munch will be complemented by a new social service, and the Food Bank will be able to commit new resources to its core business, food rescue, so it can provide additional food to the needy.

We consider it important to support emerging initiatives that contribute to making food waste less and less present in Hungary. Our partnership with Munch provides an opportunity to move towards a new segment and find a way to reach the hospitality surpluses.” - said Balázs Cseh, President of the Hungarian Food Bank.

With the help of the Food Bank, we can deliver high-quality food to those who really need it. Through the Munch app, you will now not only be able to eat good quality food at half price, but also help your needy fellow citizens. This cooperation is an important step on the road to a more sustainable and solidarity society.” Said Albert Wettstein, co-founder of Munch.

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