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President Zuzana Caputov√° met with representatives of the Food Bank in Slovakia and several retail chains


On Wednesday February 17, President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana ?aputová received representatives of the Potravinová Banka Slovenska, the Food Bank in Slovakia, and several food chains in the Presidential Palace.

According to the President, with the pandemic situation, the social situation of many families is very bad. Charitable organizations from various parts of Slovakia that help people in need informed about it. Not only the organizations ask for help, but also the families themselves, which, due to quarantine or loss of employment, do not even have the financial means for basic foodstuffs.

Due to the urgency of the problem, the President addressed representatives of the food supply chain Billa, DM, Kaufland, Lidl, METRO, Terno and Tesco, which have been cooperating with the Food Bank in Slovakia for a long time, and asked them for extraordinary assistance.

The result of this meeting was the positive and quick response of the food distribution actors. Within a few hours,they offered a deposit of 170 tons of basic durable foods and drugstores, which are in high demand. The aid will be distributed and will help people most at risk of food insecurity, in priority single mothers, abused women with children, families in crisis centers, poor families with small children, homeless people and pensioners in need.

After the meeting, a press conference was organized by the President ?aputová where Marko Urdzik, President of Potravinová Banka Slovenskawere present.

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