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Food Banks refuse the primacy of money and call on solidarity to achieve their mission of alleviating hunger and reducing food wastage throughout Europe. They exist only thanks to the support of multiple organizations, private or public and of thousands individuals, volunteers and /or donors.

FEBA, itself also needs these generous contributors to strengthen and make known the professionalism of its food bank community, to facilitate the access to large corporations and foundations to its members and to fund projects implemented in start-up Food Banks.

Hereafter are some exciting ways you or your organization can be involved and support FEBA.



    At European level, FEBA can help building pan European multiyear partnerships covering donations of food, equipment, services and competences to its Members, cause related marketing and also employee engagement programs by connecting them to our Members in the countries they do business.

    FEBA also raises money to fund its network transversal programs such as training of Food Bank managers, best practice sharing tools and education campaign.
    Finally FEBA can serve as intermediate for the funding and monitoring of development projects in specific countries.

    If your organization is willing to join FEBA in its mission of alleviating hunger and reducing food wastage, please contact our Secretary General to assist you.

    Should you choose to support food banks in a specific country please contact our country Members.

    We highly value the companies who choose, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, to engage in longterm partnership agreements with FEBA. These parnterships enable us to provide the needed support to our members, concerning their development and maintenance of Food Banks in Europe. 


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    Unilever is one of the global leaders in consumer good products, across food, personal care and home care supplies. It's products are present in 7 out of 10 households on a global level and used 2 billion times per day in 190 countries. In 2015 Unilever helped shape the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) resolution on Food Waste, which commits to halving food waste by 2025 in retail and manufacturing operations. Unilever is thus taking important measures and owning responsability to ending hunger and reducing food waste by 2030, as outlined by SDG's. Furthermore Unilever's CEO, Paul Pol, is part of the SDG working group 12.3 Champions. FEBA is grateful for the three partnership agreement with Unilever, signed in 2015.

    Read more about Unilever's sustainable efforts here:



    Access to food is a basic human right. Cargill believes that everyone should have a steady supply of safe, nutritious and affordable food, and partners with organisations that help to meet this challenge. Through Cargill's partnership with FEBA, the company has helped the organisation in their work to support over 5.7 million people access food banks across 21 countries.

    Cargill's support includes funding, product donations and employees volunteering their time and expertise to support the important and necessary work of the food banks. Since 2009, Cargill's funding has been used to further develop existing Food Banks in Poland, Hungary and Lithuania and purchase capital goods for the Food Bank in Ukraine. In 2014, Cargill provided over €40,000 to support a European-wide training programme aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of the food bank managers in the regions – sharing best practice and tackling gaps in knowledge. The company also has national partnerships with FEBA affiliates in Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Ukraine and the United Kingdom

    Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. Together with farmers, customers, governments and communities, Cargill helps people thrive by applying our insights and nearly 150 years of experience. Cargill has 142,000 employees in 67 countries who are committed to feeding the world in a responsible way, reducing environmental impact and improving the communities where they live and work.

    For more information, visit:


    METRO and the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) entered a three years partnership agreement in 2013. METRO will support each year, for three years, development of several Food Banks projects.

    METRO is one of the largest and most important international wholesale companies. Some 280 000 employees from 180 nations work in over 2 200 stores in 32 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. As part of its Corporate and Social Responsibility, METRO supports people in need through food donations and sponsors projects implemented by organizations which distribute this food.

    For more information, visit:


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    AXA Assistance supports the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) offering volunteers the guarantee of medical care, particularly in the context of their missions and business travel, since March 2014. AXA Assistance intends to support FEBA in its project of developing Food Banks in Europe, by providing the association with expertise and network, enabling its intervention everywhere and anytime.

    AXA Assistance is a world leader in Assistance with nearly 9 million cases treated in 2012. As a 100% subsidiary of the AXA Group, AXA Assistance is the world specialist in emergency as well as daily assistance for cars, travel, health, home & personal services. Its 6,900 employees in 34 countries and clients in over 200 countries are intended to protect and reassure their customers with the most appropriate solutions of assistance around the world, and at all times.

    For more information, visit


    We also recognize companies which in a recent past have supported the FEBA mission through a special grant.


    logo LIFT 45E0DA15 4147 4FB7 B152 5BC1AAC2389BLife is Full of Transformation

    Solera is the leading global provider of software and services to the automobile insurance claims processing industry. Solera's philanthropic organization LIFT is a movement that began with the belief that an act of generosity, no matter how big or how small, would make life full of transformation.

    In 2012, Solera provided funding to the European Federation of Food Banks which will support further development of Food Banks in the poorest countries in Eastern Europe.

    Solera's LIFT concept is practiced from the top down beginning with Solera's Founder, Chairman and CEO, Tony Aquila. It has quickly gained traction across Solera's global footprint of 63 countries, and is embedded in their culture and lives. LIFT movement is built upon common passion, initiative and accountability for output for favored causes. Solera believes in second chances and hopes their LIFT efforts will weave into employees daily lives. Solera's LIFT initiatives have spanned the globe including wildlife preservation, global support for children's health and education, veteran rehabilitation, global disaster relief efforts and more.

    Solera is proud to support the European Federation of Food Banks and hopes this donation will help ease the lives of those in need.

    For more information, visit:

    Hitachi corp id large Hitachi Europe - 30th anniversary

    Hitachi Europe celebrated its 30th anniversary in June 2012. Instead of holding an anniversary event, its employees took part in social activities in order to contribute to European society.

    Employees raised money by holding internal sporting competition, company dinners and Christmas fairs, as well as selling products with a special employee-designed anniversary logo. In addition, some Hitachi employees also volunteered at a local Food bank for the week, joining FEBA's ranks as one of the 9,800 volunteers who help sort, sort and distribute food on a daily basis.

    European Federation of Food Banks was chosen by Hitachi to be the beneficiary organization of these events because of its actions to help the most deprived people all over Europe.

    The 17th of January, Mr Patrick Alix, FEBA Project Manager was presented with a cheque of €20,000 by Mr Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Managing Director of Hitachi Europe Ltd. The presentation took place at Hitachi Europe's HQ in Maidenhead, Berkshire in front of the entire office staff.

    For more information, visit:

    Brambles Limited is a worldwide supply chain logistics company, represented in more than 60 countries, primarily operating through it’s subsidiaries: CHEP and IFCO.

    CHEP is a global provider of logistics operations, pallets and container pooling services. Through lean and environmentally friendly logistics operations, CHEP ensures safe transportation of goods to the fresh food, beverage and retail industries. The company provides services and operational platforms to globally recognized enterprises such as Procter & Gamble and Nestlé.

    IFCO is the leading provider of reusable packaging solutions. IFCO’s Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) ensure safe and healthy transportation of fresh produce to leading retailers worldwide.

    In January 2016 Brambles Limited and FEBA signed a three-year partnership agreement. Brambles’ two operating companies, CHEP and IFCO, will provide free of charge pallets, containers and reusable plastic containers to ensure a safe handling of fresh produce to FEBA food banks. Furthermore the partnership entails funding, volunteer support and know-how from Brambles Limited’s own experience with efficient packaging, storage and transportation of fresh produce.

    As a FEBA ambassador, Brambles Limited has also committed to raise awareness among employees, customers and stakeholders about the urgency to fight food waste and hunger. Read more on Brabmes' global efforts on sustainability here:


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    Bloomberg Philanthropies is the charitable branch of the global software, data and media company Bloomberg LP. For four years in a row, Bloomberg Philanthropies has provided grants to FEBA food banks helping them increase the amount of recovered surplus food, distribution to charities and support for individuals and families suffering or at risk of food poverty.

    In 2016 Bloomberg provided grants to 15 of FEBA's food bank members and federations, including CrossCare, the Irish food bank agency, who was the recipient of the Bloomberg LP "Dollars for Hours" charitable donation scheme. The donation scheme, rewards Bloomberg employees for completing 50 hours of volunteering, by entitling them to choose a charity to receive the 5000 USD grant.




    We are also grateful to the companies which support FEBA Member Food Banks in many countries throughout Europe and particularly:


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